There is a lot that goes into planning a wedding and sometimes finding the right information can be difficult because it's spread out all over the place. As a wedding photographer, I don't just show up the day of the wedding, take pictures and then leave. I work very closely with many other vendors from the wedding such as the venue, coordinators, and the DJ. This experience has become invaluable as I've learned a lot in my time from working with so many extraordinary professionals.

Because I've been so lucky to have these learning experiences, I decided to pass along some of that information in the form of articles which you will find below. These articles will help give some insight into common wedding related questions and ideas that you may have.

Wedding Day Considerations Featured Image

Early planning stages Consider getting a trial done of both hair and make-up and, if possible, take pictures of the trial at multiple angles to see how it looks in photos. And to make your beautiful rings look their best, don’t neglect your hands and nails. Carefully consider the pros & cons of doing a […]

what is a first look

What is a First Look? So you may have heard of a “first look” from friends, bridal magazines and websites, or maybe even your photographer; but what is it really, and should you consider it? As with most things in life, there are pros and cons, and it is something that you should really understand […]

destination weddings pros and cons

Are you considering a destination wedding? Are you dreaming of getting married on a beach in some secluded area of a tropical island? Maybe you prefer jetting off to Europe to revisit that special spot he proposed to you. Whatever your reasoning, destination weddings have become increasingly popular over the years. But, what are some […]

consider an unplugged wedding

Why Consider an Unplugged Wedding? Prior to the ceremony, the officiant reads something like this, “Welcome friends, and family. Please be seated. John and Sandra invite you to be truly present for this joyous occasion and enjoy their wedding ceremony. Please turn off your cell phones and put away your cameras. The photographer will capture […]