Bridal portraits are becoming a very popular wedding tradition, and for good reason. Bridal portraits are a great way to create an everlasting keepsake and they offer many benefits to brides and couples. Bridal sessions do not have to be taken at the place of your wedding, and quite often they are not. They allow you, as a bride, to explore the many photo opportunities that exist in such a fun and creative way! I've done bridal portraits from D.C., to the beach, to the grandeur that is Barclay Villa. One common theme in all my shoots is how much fun my brides had exploring these exciting places and posing in their dresses. You work so hard to get ready for your wedding day and you deserve the opportunity to take a sneak peak of yourself in your dress. We also get the opportunity to work very closely together and create a rapport that will undoubtedly help during your wedding day.

Below you will find samplings of some bridal portrait sessions. I hope you have as much fun looking through these images as I did creating them!

Washington DC Bridal Session What an amazing bridal session I had with Cassie in Washington DC!!! Now that she and her bride Kathy are married, I can spill the beans and show some awesome images from this session. Cassie and Kathy both live in DC, but were married near their home towns in North Carolina. […]

Bridal Portraits Featured Image

Sue couldn’t have picked a better spot for her bridal session. Fort Macon is located just outside of Atlantic Beach, NC and it is an amazing location! The fort features a rich history which saw it play many roles in defending our nation. On top of the fort walls you are greeted by an awe-inspiring […]

Bridal Portraits Featured Image

Barclay Villa in one word…incredible…great…gorgeous…stunning…unbelievable. Well, I guess that’s not one word but the villa is an amazing place for bridal sessions and weddings alike! Located in Angier, North Carolina, Barclay Villa provided the backdrop for this dazzling bridal photo session featuring the lovely Katelyn. We had a great time during our shoot and got […]