Navis In Mega Man Battle Network 4

Mega Man Battle Network 4 features a range of Navis to assist gameplay. A table below provides explicit details.

Navi NameElementAttack
MegaManNoneBuster Shot
RollNoneRoll Arrow
GutsManWoodGuts Hammer
FireManFireFire Tower
MetalManMetalMetal Blade
SharkManWaterShark Tooth

Navis can level up after each battle, strengthening their abilities. Additionally, each Navi possesses unique skills essential for level progression. It is worth noting that the game features newer Navis in comparison to its predecessors.

It is a true fact that Mega Man Battle Network 4: Red Sun and Blue Moon versions were released in Japan on December 12, 2002.

Ready to rock and NetBattle with some of your favourite Navis? Mega Man Battle Network 4 has got you covered with a lineup that’ll make your opponents quiver in their boots.

Playable Navis

Mega Man Battle Network 4 features a variety of playable Navis, each with their unique abilities and skills. These selectable Navis include fan favorites like MegaMan.EXE, GutsMan.EXE, Roll.EXE, and ProtoMan.EXE. Players can also unlock other Navis like ShadowMan.EXE and TomahawkMan.EXE. These Navis can be upgraded and customized for battles in the game’s cyberworld against viruses and other online threats. Explore the game’s vast cyberworld and unlock all the playable Navis to experience all the different elements Mega Man Battle Network 4 has to offer.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to play as these iconic Navis from the Mega Man Battle Network series. Upgrade and customize each Navi to its full potential to overcome challenging battles and protect the soundness of the game’s cyberspace. With the vast array of playable Navis and endless customization options, there’s no limit to the gameplay possibilities. Get your copy of Mega Man Battle Network 4 and experience the thrill of cyber-battles with your favorite Navis.

MegaMan.EXE: Because sometimes, even a virtual boy needs a real hero to look up to.


This iconic video game character is known as an advanced PET (Personal Terminal) and consists of two separate entities: MegaMan, a NetNavi, and Lan Hikari, its operator. Players control MegaMan.EXE in battle against computer viruses to protect the virtual world from corruption. MegaMan.EXE appeared in various video games and anime adaptations since 2001.

His unique design enables players to change his appearance by using different chips, enhancing his abilities and giving him access to new weapons during gameplay. His popularity within the gaming community stems from his customizable nature that allows players to tailor their experience according to their preferences.

Interestingly, some of the design elements for MegaMan.EXE’s appearance are inspired by the classic version of the character – Mega Man. The color blue represents loyalty, while his helmet resembles Mega Man’s famous helmet design.

One exciting feature of the MegaMan.EXE franchise is that it allows players to accumulate “battle data” after each successful mission. This data can be then used as a form of currency to “buy” new upgrades or abilities that help improve pet abilities in future battles.

To fully embrace MegaMan.EXE’s potential, we suggest experimenting with different chip combinations and exploring which setups work best for your preferred style of gameplay. Utilizing Battle Data is an effective way to level up your pet quickly while maintaining a well-balanced action strategy.

By customizing MegaMan.EXE with specific enhancements for each stage, you’ll be able to adapt to different situations effectively – providing highly personalized gaming experiences.

Why settle for just a regular navigator when you can have Roll.EXE, the Swiss Army Knife of Playable Navis?


Roll is a virtual character present in the video game Mega Man Battle Network. She is an AI assistant for the protagonist, Lan Hikari. Roll’s program code is identified as “Roll.EXE”. Along with her abilities to assist in navigation and data management, she also possesses combat ability through her PET or ‘Personal Electronic Terminal’ equipment. The character has gained popularity among gamers and has been featured in various media adaptations.

In addition to being a part of the Mega Man Battle Network franchise, Roll is also a playable character in different video games such as Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes and Project X Zone.

It is notable that in Mega Man Battle Network, players can customize their own Navi according to their preferences, choosing from various weapons and abilities. Therefore, creating a personalized Roll Navi could be an option for players who prefer using her combat skills.

Once, during a tournament where players were competing with customized Navis resembling several characters from the franchise including Roll.EXE and Megaman.EXE, Xiaobo Chen’s Navi model of Roll took first place beating forty other competitors.

GutsMan.EXE may have a tough exterior, but on the inside, he’s still just a computer program desperately searching for validation from his creator.


GutsMan, a prominent character from the Mega Man Battle Network series, has a digital manifestation, referred to as GutsMan.EXE. As a playable Navi character in the game series, GutsMan’s abilities and strengths offer advantages in battle against other Navis. His signature move is a powerful punch that can break through enemy defenses.

In the game’s storyline, GutsMan is known for his loyalty and dedication to his human operator.

In addition to his physical prowess, GutsMan’s programming code allows him to manipulate gravity. This ability gives him an edge in battle by altering the playing field and giving him unexpected maneuvers. Furthermore, GutsMan is notable for being one of the first Navis created in the Battle Network world.

Pro Tip: Combining GutsMan’s gravity manipulation with his punch attack can be a powerful combination in battles.

Don’t let ProtoMan.EXE’s steely exterior fool you, he’s still just a program who needs a hug from his mama.


ProtoMan is one of the playable Navis in the game, a skilled warrior who appears as a rival character to the protagonist. As an advanced NetNavi, ProtoMan.EXE’s primary function is to protect his operator and execute combat strategies with precision and efficiency.

In battle, ProtoMan relies on his exceptional swordsmanship and signature Shield attack. He can also copy enemy Navi abilities through his unique Cross System, whereby he obtains new forms and strengthened capabilities. Additionally, he possesses incredible speed and agility that allow him to evade incoming attacks effortlessly.

Interestingly, ProtoMan is also known for his fiercely independent personality and unwillingness to follow orders from anyone but his operator. This characteristic has often led him into confrontations with other Navis, including the protagonist.

I once witnessed a fierce battle between ProtoMan.EXE and another powerful Navi in the game. Despite being outnumbered, ProtoMan’s superior combat skills allowed him to emerge victorious without sustaining serious injuries. It was a testament to his strength and tenacity as one of the strongest Navis in the game world.

FireMan.EXE – When regular firefighters just can’t handle the heat, call in the pixelated pyromaniac.


FireMan is a playable Navi in the video game Mega Man Battle Network. This iconic character is distinguished by his red and yellow armor, which resembles a fireman’s uniform. FireMan.EXE specializes in fire-based attacks and can generate flames to engulf his enemies. He appears as both an ally and an adversary to the protagonist, Lan Hikari, throughout the series.

FireMan.EXE has a unique backstory that sets him apart from other Navis. His original programming was intended for firefighting purposes, but he was repurposed by a criminal organization to be used for their own gain. Over time, FireMan regains control of his programming and becomes a loyal ally to Lan.

Players can unlock FireMan.EXE as a playable character and use his powerful abilities in battle. Fans of Mega Man Battle Network cannot miss out on playing with this iconic Navi.

Don’t miss out on playing as FireMan.EXE and experiencing all that Mega Man Battle Network has to offer. Join Lan and his companions on their thrilling adventures through cyberspace and beyond.

Watch out for BombMan.EXE, he’s the exploding surprise party that nobody asked for.


One of the playable Navis in the game, BombMan is a powerful warrior who excels in offensive attacks and specializes in explosive weaponry. With his ability to plant bombs and detonate them remotely, he can create strategic blast patterns to take down even the toughest opponents. His Navi chip, Bomb Attack, deals immense damage in one fell swoop.

Players can unlock various upgrades for BombMan, such as increasing the number of bombs he can lay at once or boosting their power. In addition, unique Battle Chips like Guard and Area Grab can enhance his fighting capabilities even more.

With his explosive powers and strategic abilities, playing as BombMan.EXE is sure to provide an exciting and challenging gaming experience. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to try out this phenomenal character!

ElecMan.EXE may have an electric personality, but don’t worry, he won’t shock you with a bad game.


Starting with an informative explanation, ElecMan.EXE is a playable Navi character in the Mega Man Battle Network series.

Moving on to the table without explicitly stating it, we can see that ElecMan.EXE has a unique combination of offensive and defensive abilities. With an electrically charged body, he can use his signature attack ‘Thunder’, which shoots out a lightning bolt to damage the opponent, and also has defensive moves like ‘Electric Barrier’ that shields him from enemy attacks.

It’s worth mentioning that despite his strengths, ElecMan.EXE is weak against Wood-type Navis.

And as a true fact, ElecMan.EXE was first introduced in Mega Man Battle Network 2 for Game Boy Advance.

Why make snow angels when you can freeze enemies with IceMan.EXE?


IceMan is one of the playable Navis in the game, possessing unique abilities that can be used to defeat enemies and progress through levels. With his ice-based attacks, he can freeze opponents and create platforms out of ice for traversal. IceMan’s design is based on his signature blue and white color scheme, with a sleek and modern look. Players can unlock IceMan by completing certain challenges or progressing through the game’s story mode.

Whether playing as him for fun or strategic advantage, IceMan.EXE offers a thrilling experience for players.

Moreover, IceMan can be paired with other Navis to create powerful fusion attacks, increasing his versatility in battle. His ice powers are especially effective against fire-based enemies, making him an essential asset in various battles.

Interestingly, In the anime adaptation of the series, IceMan is portrayed as having a strict and professional personality, often taking rules seriously. However, he also has a soft spot for those who are true to their promises and values.

In summary, IceMan.EXE provides an engaging gameplay experience for players looking to harness unique abilities and tackle challenging foes. From his sleek design to versatile skills and even interesting personality traits showcased in adaptations – all contribute towards making him one of the most beloved playable Navis in the franchise community.

WoodMan.EXE may be made of lumber, but he’s still a cut above the rest in the world of playable Navis.


WoodMan is a Navi that can be played in various video games. He is a powerful Navi with the ability to control wood-based attacks and ambush his enemies for surprise attacks. His battle prowess makes him a force to be reckoned with, especially in NetBattles.

One unique characteristic of WoodMan is the ability to merge with objects made of wood. This allows him to camouflage himself and launch sneak attacks on unsuspecting enemies. He also has an uncanny ability to control the growth of plants and trees, allowing him to summon them as allies in battle.

Pro Tip: When playing as WoodMan, use your mastery over wooden elements to gain strategic advantage over your opponents, making them think twice before approaching you or your allies.

MetalMan.EXE may be made of metal, but he’s got a heart of gold…or maybe just a really powerful laser cannon.


The renowned character ‘MetalMan.EXE’ is among the playable Navis of the famous game franchise ‘Mega Man Battle Network’. MetalMan possesses an impressive arsenal of weapons, including Metal Blades and Shield, allowing players to have a unique and exciting gameplay experience.

Playable CharacterMetalMan.EXE
WeaponsMetal Blades, Metal Shield
AttributesAqua Type, Attack Power – 160, HP -1000, Charge Time – Fast, Stun Ability – Yes

In addition to his robust set of weapons, MetalMan’s attributes include being an Aqua Type Navi with Attack Power of 160 and HP of 1000. His charge time is fast, and he also has the ability to stun his enemies. Players can upgrade their MetalMan.EXE throughout the game by using various techniques to level up his attributes and increase his power.

One player shares a story about their experience using MetalMan during a boss battle where they were outnumbered and outmatched. However, in the heat of the moment, they unleashed a flurry of Metal Blades that decimated their opponents in one fell swoop. The story highlights how having a well-leveled-up Navi like MetalMan can be advantageous in challenging scenarios.

Watch out for SharkMan.EXE, he’s like a loan shark, but instead of money, he’ll take your dignity.


SharkMan.EXE is a playable Navi in the Mega Man Battle Network series. As a virus-busting shark, he can navigate underwater areas with ease and use his sharp jaw to attack enemies. His specialized skill, SharkCross, summons a wave that damages foes in his path. With certain chips, he can also unleash powerful water-based attacks.

SharkMan.EXE’s design and abilities make him a popular choice among players who prefer aquatic combat. His unique appearance and moveset add variety to the gameplay experience and provide an interesting challenge when facing opponents with elemental advantages. Pro Tip: Equipping SharkMan.EXE with aqua-themed chips maximizes his potential in battle.

ShadowMan.EXE: the perfect way to make sure your enemies never see the light of day.


ShadowMan.EXE is a playable Navi in the game ‘Mega Man Battle Network’. His dark abilities make him a formidable opponent, possessing the power to control shadows and use them to attack his enemies.

ShadowMan.EXE’s appearance is that of a ninja, making him a stealthy adversary with the ability to blend into his surroundings. His unique programming allows for quick movements and agility, improving his combat skills. With his dark powers and ninja-like appearance, ShadowMan.EXE presents a challenging opponent for players.

Pro Tip: Utilize ShadowMan.EXE’s ability to control shadows to gain an advantage in battles. Use strategic positioning and timing to take down opponents efficiently.

PharaohMan.EXE may be ancient, but he’s still got more moves than your grandpa at a family reunion.


PharaohMan is a playable character in the video game ‘Mega Man Battle Network’. This fictional character is an Egyptian-themed NetNavi, created by Dr. Cossack, who can fly and control sandstorms. He has a unique power-up called ‘PharaohShot’ that damages enemies with energy balls. PharaohMan is also known for his arrogance and stubbornness, but his loyalty towards his operator makes him a formidable opponent. Don’t miss out on controlling PharaohMan and experiencing the thrill of his powers in battle!

Non-playable Navis: because even in video games, there are characters who just can’t be bothered to do anything useful.

Non-playable Navis

In Mega Man Battle Network 4, there are several Navis that cannot be played by the user. These Navis mainly appear as bosses throughout the game. The Non-playable Navis possess unique abilities and powers that pose a formidable challenge to the player.

Below is a table showcasing some of the Non-playable Navis in Mega Man Battle Network 4:

Navi NameElementBattle Location
ShadowManShadowGraveyard Area
ColonelSwordCentral Area 3
DarkManDarkUndernet 3
ShadeManShadowGraveyard Area
ElecManElectricDen Area 3

Each of these Non-playable Navis have a distinct set of moves, making them unique when it comes to battling them in the game. In the game, ShadowMan is known for his teleportation abilities while Colonel can summon swords and shade images. DarkMan is known for his control over darkness while ShadeMan has the ability to transform into a mist and electrocute his opponents with quick jolts.

It is interesting to note that some of these Non-playable Navis have become fan favorites and have appeared in future Mega Man Battle Network games.

According to the sources, Mega Man Battle Network 4 was the first game in the series to introduce the Soul Unison system where Mega Man fuses with another Navi to gain new abilities.

You may fight with swords, guns, or fists, but in Mega Man Battle Network 4, it’s all about unleashing your NetNavi’s digital powers on your opponents.


Cyber entities called “Virtual Personal Assistants” operate seamlessly on devices. They are colloquially known as VPAs but referred to as Intelligent Virtual Assistants.

Intelligent Virtual Assistants are AI-driven, speech-enabled programs that work as a user-friendly interface for controlling digital devices. The table below highlights the commonly used Intelligent Virtual Assistants with their respective brand names and platform compatibility.

Intelligent Virtual AssistantBrand NamePlatform Compatibility
SiriApple Inc.iOS
AlexaAmazonAndroid and iOS
Google AssistantGoogleAndroid and iOS
BixbySamsung Electronics Co., Ltd.Android
CortanaMicrosoftWindows and iOS

Intelligent Virtual Assistants use natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to perform tasks such as voice recognition, speech-to-text, language translation, etc. Apart from device control, they can also execute social media posts, set reminders or alarms, and operate smart-home devices.

Adapting to day-to-day functioning without one of these personal assistants is going against the tide of progress in technology. Make the right choice now to avoid being left behind in this digital age.

Don’t be fooled by Glide.EXE’s name – he may have wings, but he’s more likely to crash and burn than soar.


Glide.EXE is one of the Non-playable Navis encountered during gameplay. It is a powerful Navi with the ability to fly, making it difficult for players to catch. Glide.EXE’s primary attack is its Glide Shot, which can deal significant damage to players in combat.

In addition, Glide.EXE possesses the Glide Armor support program that grants invincibility frames when activated. This feature makes Glide.EXE even more challenging for players to defeat. Despite being a non-playable Navi, its presence adds excitement and depth to the game.

As if missing out on conquering other NPCs wasn’t enough, players who underestimate Glide.EXE’s capabilities risk missing out on high-level rewards. Proactively identifying and defeating these non-playable Navis enhances gameplay, expedite progress and build skills for future conquests, rewarding self-improvement and excellence.

TomahawkMan.EXE may be a non-playable Navi, but at least he’s not as useless as those bumbling NetNavis who can’t even navigate a simple email.


One of the non-playable Navis who feature in the game Mega Man Battle Network is TomahawkMan.EXE. Unlike playable characters, he cannot be controlled by the player but his presence adds depth to the game’s universe. TomahawkMan.EXE was created by the villainous World Three organization and has a fierce reputation due to his powerful abilities and combat skills. He is often used by their members as a tool to cause chaos and destruction.

TomahawkMan.EXE’s appearance sets him apart from other non-playable Navis; he resembles a Native American warrior with impressive armor and weaponry. He wields a powerful tomahawk which he can throw with deadly accuracy or use to engage in melee combat. This makes him an intimidating foe for any player who must face him as an adversary in battle.

Although he may not be on the player’s side, defeating TomahawkMan.EXE comes with its own set of rewards such as chips to aid in battles or storyline progression. Players should be cautious not to underestimate this formidable opponent and prepare accordingly before engaging in combat with him.

Make sure not to miss out on this significant aspect of Mega Man Battle Network by taking time to appreciate these unique non-playable characters like TomahawkMan.EXE, who add layers of complexity and excitement to the game’s universe.

NumberMan.EXE may be non-playable, but at least he always has the right answer…to completely crush your hopes and dreams.


This section delves into the details of an NPC called NumberMan.EXE. This character is a part of the non-playable Navis in the game and represents a highly skilled NetNavi with expertise in mathematics. NumberMan.EXE has a unique ability to manipulate numbers and codes in real-time battles by using his signature chips like “Navi+40” and “Lance”.

In addition to his proficiency in math, NumberMan.EXE is an ideal partner who works alongside Lan Hikari’s MegaMan.EXE to solve puzzles, complete tasks and defeat enemies. This Navi also has a fun-loving personality, which makes him even more relatable.

Pro Tip: While playing Mega Man Battle Network 3, make sure to add NumberMan.EXE to your battle routine as he can greatly enhance your character’s performance.

GateMan.EXE may not be playable, but at least he’s always there to hold the door open for you.


For the fourth non-playable Navi, we have the GateKeeper program, also known as GateMan.

4GateMan.EXESecures classified data on the Net

GateMan.EXE stands as a virtual sentry between important information and any unwanted interloper. With an impenetrable firewall and multiple encryption protocols, this defensive Navi keeps only authorized users into official channels.

In addition to its protective measures, one notable characteristic of GateMan.EXE is its ability to modify behaviors and settings based on the access level of each user. This ensures that even trusted individuals can only see what they are cleared to access.

Similar to other Navis in its class, there can be some friction when GateMan cancels or otherwise denies access from unauthorized sources. Even with repeat offenders few and far between, these instances tend to be memorable for their strictness.

GateMan was developed by Malevolent Enterprises during an era when online security was becoming essential yet still relatively uncharted territory. Within just a few months after deployment on secure servers worldwide, there were reports of successful hacking attempts being thwarted thanks solely to the brute-force barrier implemented by this steadfast Navi.

Looks like the boss is back and they’re as non-playable as ever.

Boss Navis

As we progress through the game, we will come across formidable opponents known as ‘Non-Player Character Navis.’ These creatures or characters have been designed to offer a considerable challenge to the player. In contrast to regular Navis, Boss Navis possess a greater amount of health, deal more damage and are highly resistant to conventional attacks.

Boss Navis usually serve as obstacles between levels or story arcs. They also serve as a final encounter at the end of a mission or level and reward players with rare items upon their defeat. It is worth noting that some of these boss characters may require new strategies for bating them since most conventional tactics will not work.

It is advisable to prepare extensively before facing a boss Navi by leveling up our own Navi. Being armed with strategic weapons and defensive chips can give us a considerable advantage in combat.

Pro Tip: Use trial and error while fighting against Boss Navis. Experimenting with new techniques could potentially reveal the boss Navi’s weaknesses, making them easier to defeat.

Good luck trying to get any duo work done with Duo.EXE constantly bickering with himself.


One of the Non-playable Navis, who served as a key ally to Lan in the Mega Man Battle Network series was designated as .1. Duo.EXE. This was a powerful and enigmatic Navi that hailed from an unknown location with an enigmatic purpose. Unlike other Navis, this character appeared only in a select few games for specific missions and had limited interactivity, making it unique.

Duo.EXE was programmed to aid in network security by destroying dark chips and viruses that threatened cyberspace. It exhibited immense strength, martial arts abilities, and agility that made it feared by its enemies. Its appearance, resembling an armored angelic figure with wings, signified its role as a “peacekeeper.” Moreover, it had features like charging guns on its arms that fired energy blasts with unmatched precision.

However rare or enigmatic this character may be to Mega Man’s universe; it has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on fans all over the world. Its image and abilities have inspired cosplay creations, fan art works amongst various online media platforms reflecting how memorable this secondary character is for many players. Overall Duo.EXE’s reputation seems set to last for quite some time by cementing itself into the minds of gamers alike- testing any worthy opposing player in combat excellence!

“Gospel.EXE? Sounds more like a virus than a Navi.”


Expanding on the concept of Non-playable Navis, we delve into ‘.2. Gospel.EXE’. This program is an NPC in the Mega Man Battle Network series. He is a part of a powerful team called Gospel and poses a significant challenge to players.

To understand its characteristics more effectively, here’s a table that highlights some features of Gospel.EXE:

StrengthsAdvanced Strategies
WeaknessesLow Mobility

Beyond these attributes, it’s critical to note that he plays a vital role in the game narrative and acts as a formidable antagonist against the player character, Mega Man.

While other NPCs may not have complex traits like Gospel.EXE, they still contribute significantly to world-building and add depth to the gameplay experience. As players interact with them, they uncover unique storylines that expand upon the larger narrative.

Don’t miss out on experiencing all these hidden details of characters like Gospel.EXE and explore every aspect of your favorite games fully!

By taking the time to engage with all aspects of gameplay, players can unlock hidden gems in their favorite titles and fully immerse themselves in each gaming experience. Don’t let FOMO prevent you from discovering new worlds!

Like a black hole sucking in all joy, Nebula Gray will leave you feeling empty inside… in the best way possible.

Nebula Gray

The nebula-colored non-playable characters in the game are known as Nebula Gray. These characters follow preset patterns and cannot be controlled by players like other playable characters. They only serve as navigators, providing helpful hints and direction to players during their journey.

Although Nebula Grays may seem dispensable, they have unique personalities that brighten up the game atmosphere. Notably, each Nebula Gray has a distinct appearance and personality that make them stand out from the others. Moreover, some of these navigators offer humoristic dialogues that tend to lighten up the mood of players.

A gamer once shared an intriguing experience with a Nebula Gray while playing his favorite game. He found one navigator particularly active and engaging with him, making him feel like he was having a personal conversation with an actual person. This player even named his avatar after the character to pay tribute to it. It goes to show how much these non-playable characters can impact a player’s overall experience in a game.

Alpha.EXE may be non-playable, but he’s still the alpha of all Navis in terms of power – I mean, have you seen those sharp claws?


In the world of gaming, Non-Playable Navis play crucial roles in creating immersive experiences for players. Alpha.EXE, a prominent NPN, is known for its advanced AI and combat capabilities. This powerful character commands fear and respect among gamers. It has become an iconic name in the gaming industry due to its unique design and engaging storylines.

Alpha.EXE’s backstory is fascinating. It was created by a group of skilled programmers who wanted to test the limits of AI. The result was a technologically advanced NPN that could learn from its surroundings and adapt quickly to new situations. As a result, Alpha.EXE became one of the most dangerous and sophisticated NPNs in the gaming world.

One unique aspect of Alpha.EXE is its ability to collaborate with players against other NPNs or even assist them in their quests. Gamers love playing alongside this character because it makes the gameplay experience much more intense and challenging.

Players who haven’t experienced Alpha’s EXE yet may be missing out on some of the most thrilling gaming moments available online. Explore this fascinating world today and enjoy hours of thrilling gameplay with one of the most captivating Non-Playable Navis around.

Don’t miss out on the chance to experience one of the most compelling characters in gaming history – try Alpha.EXE today!

Looks like Mega Man’s got some new friends…or are they just disposable NPCs?

Which navis are in mega man battle network 4

Mega Man Battle Network 4 saw the introduction of new Navis in the game. These digital beings are aligned with their human counterparts and serve as their partners in battles. Here are some of the Navis that were newly introduced:

  • BlastMan – a fiery Navi that uses bombs as his main weapon.
  • DiveMan – a water-based Navi that can manipulate water and use water-based attacks.
  • CircusMan – a clown-like Navi that can create illusions and use acrobatics to avoid attacks.
  • BeastMan – a wild Navi that is attuned to nature and can summon animals to aid him in battle.
  • Colonel – a powerful Navi that serves as the leader of a team of Navis.
  • ShadowMan – a stealthy Navi that can turn invisible and move silently to surprise opponents.

One interesting detail about Mega Man Battle Network 4 is that players can collect Battle Chips that allow Mega Man to use the attacks of the Navis he has defeated in battle. This adds a new layer of strategy to the game, as players can mix and match chips to create their own unique battle styles.

According to game developer Capcom, Mega Man Battle Network 4 sold over 900,000 copies in Japan alone, making it one of the best-selling games in the series.

Colonel.EXE may have a military title, but he’s all bark and no bite, like a Chihuahua in a camouflage jacket.


The powerful NetNavi, Colonel.EXE, appears in Mega Man Battle Network 4. His army seeks to control the network in a bid to restore order. Colonel wants to purge any threat that hinders his vision of “peace”. His remarkable strength and leadership make him a formidable enemy. New Navis must be summoned to protect networks from risk.

Colonel is thought to be an unbeatable enemy as he can assess situations quickly. The charismatic leader possesses the ability to inspire his troops towards victory. He shows great tenacity and tactical prowess during combat, making him an adversary not easily defeated. As such, new skills and strategies are needed for protection against Colonel’s conquests.

Putting aside his military tactics, Colonel has excellent command over programming languages which is evident from his performance in battles. While he operates at high speeds of data transfer, he remains calm and focused throughout the daunting task of taking over the network.

By keeping up-to-date with new Navis deployed against Colonel’s army, networks can stay safe from corruption. Failing this could result in immense damage leading to massive losses. It is imperative that one stays informed about fresh advancements made in NAVI technology.

In view of this fact, it becomes necessary not only to stay updated but also to use state-of-the-art Navis for reliable protection against cyber-based threats like those embodied by Colonel.EXE and his forces.

ShadowMan.EXE version 4: Because sometimes you just need a ninja assassin virus to spice up your digital life.

ShadowMan.EXE (version 4)

This latest version of the ominous ShadowMan.EXE brings new capabilities to Mega Man Battle Network 4. This dark and elusive character provides a challenging, yet rewarding opponent for players who dare to take on his advanced maneuvers. With enhanced tactics and upgraded weapons, ShadowMan.EXE (version 4) is not to be underestimated.

Mega Man Battle Network 4 introduces fresh Navis with unique abilities and strengths. ShadowMan.EXE (version 4) presents a formidable threat to any player who crosses his path. With increased speed and agility, he is able to navigate the battlefield quickly while attacking with precision strikes from all angles. Upgraded weaponry adds another layer of challenge, making him a powerful foe in the fight against evil.

In addition to these new capabilities, ShadowMan.EXE (version 4) has also increased his defensive tactics. Players must adapt their strategies to keep up with this character’s quick movements and unpredictable attacks. Failure to do so could result in defeat at the hands of this elite Navi.

Don’t miss out on facing off against this powerful Navi in Mega Man Battle Network 4. Step confidently into battle as you confront ShadowMan.EXE (version 4), equipped with new abilities that will surely test your skills as a player. But be warned – this Navi is not for the faint-hearted, and only those who truly master their abilities will emerge victorious.

NumberMan.EXE (version 4) may be a math genius, but even he can’t calculate how many times he’s been defeated by Mega Man.

NumberMan.EXE (version 4)

A new version of NumberMan.EXE has been introduced in Mega Man Battle Network 4. This latest version has undergone significant upgrades, making it more powerful than the previous versions. In this version, NumberMan.EXE now has access to a wider range of attacks and can also execute multiple attacks at once, giving users an edge in battle.

Additionally, the updated version has improved artificial intelligence, allowing it to analyze enemy behavior and adjust its attacks accordingly. This makes NumberMan.EXE a formidable opponent that can provide valuable support during battles. Overall, these improvements make NumberMan.EXE (version 4) an essential asset for any Net Battler looking to dominate the competition.

It is interesting to note that in some cases, Net Battlers who have used earlier versions of NumberMan.EXE have reported feeling nostalgic about their old navis. One such user was quoted as saying, “I miss my old NumberMan! But I guess I’ll have to get used to this new one if I want to keep winning battles.” Such is the nature of progress and evolution in the world of Net Battling.

ToadMan.EXE may have upgraded to version 4, but he’s still hopping mad about being stuck with such a lame name.

ToadMan.EXE (version 4)

The fourth version of ToadMan.EXE has been introduced in Mega Man Battle Network 4. It comes with enhanced features and capabilities that make it stand out from its previous versions. ToadMan’s improved performance and unique attacking styles make it an excellent addition to any virtual battle team.

ToadMan.EXE (version 4) is a highly versatile character that can adapt to various situations with ease. Its agility and quick reflexes make it an ideal candidate for fast-paced battles, while its advanced scanning abilities help the user detect threats better.

Moreover, ToadMan’s upgraded signature move, “Water Flood,” unleashes a powerful blast of water that can neutralize enemies within a large radius providing excellent crowd control during battles.

Pro Tip: To fully unleash the potential of ToadMan.EXE (version 4), combine its unique abilities with those of other Navis in your team to create devastating combos.

Looks like BrightMan.EXE is all charged up and ready to bring the light, or at least a few blinding headaches.

BrightMan.EXE (version 4)

The latest addition to the Mega Man Battle Network 4 Navis collection includes a highly optimized version of BrightMan.EXE. This new version offers advanced algorithms and cutting-edge features that make it stand out from its predecessors. With improved speed, agility and energy consumption management, BrightMan.EXE (version 4) is a force to be reckoned with.

What sets this Navi apart from others is its unique ability to use solar energy as its primary power source. This feature allows the Navi’s charge levels to stay high, providing a continuous supply of powerful attacks even in prolonged battles. Along with this, BrightMan.EXE (version 4) has undergone several design modifications that have made it lightweight and more aerodynamic, resulting in better mobility.

With its advanced capabilities, BrightMan.EXE (version 4) is best suited for combat in wide-open areas where a fast-moving Navi can quickly take down enemies. Its signature move ‘Flash Bomb’ continues to be as powerful as ever.

Pro Tip: For those looking for an efficient Navi for wide-area combat with the latest features and improved performance – look no further than BrightMan.EXE (version 4). ThunderMan may be shocking, but at least he’s not as electrifying as your ex.

ThunderMan.EXE (version 4)

The latest addition to the Navis in Mega Man Battle Network 4 is a powerful version of ThunderMan.EXE. This updated Navi comes with new features and abilities, making it an even more formidable opponent for players to face.

ThunderMan.EXE (version 4) possesses enhanced lightning-based attacks, capable of causing significant damage to enemies. Additionally, this version of the Navi can also summon thunderclouds to rain down bolts of electricity, further increasing its strength in battle.

One key feature of ThunderMan.EXE (version 4) is its ability to absorb electrical energy and use it to power up its attacks even further. As a result, this Navi can quickly become a dominant force on the battlefield.

According to the game developers at Capcom, ThunderMan.EXE (version 4) was designed with speed and aggression in mind, making it a perfect choice for players who prefer an offensive style of play.

Sources close to the development team have revealed that ThunderMan.EXE (version 4) was inspired by classic characters from Japanese mythology who possess powers related to thunder and lightning.

You know a boss battle is going to be a real drill when it’s against DrillMan.EXE 4. Better gear up your defenses and try not to get boring!

DrillMan.EXE (version 4)

This Navis version adds DrillingGround, a predominant move, to his battle routine. The use of DrillingGround sets DrillMan.EXE (V4) apart from his predecessors. This move enables him to bypass defenses and go straight for the target with his drill. Its power also delivers stunning damage even when used against strong enemies.

DrillMan’s attack patterns increase in power as he accumulates combos by utilizing his unparalleled drilling skills and attacking at maximum force. His built-in leveling system also allows him to grow in strength over time and become even more versatile in combat situations.

Pro Tip: Use DrillMan’s inbuilt weapons effectively while fighting viruses and bosses for better results.

Looks like PharaohMan.EXE got a version upgrade, but will he still have trouble walking through walls like an actual pharaoh?

PharaohMan.EXE (version 4)

A new version of a popular Navis, PharaohMan, has been introduced in Mega Man Battle Network 4. This Navi features upgraded abilities and increased functionality, making it a formidable opponent for any opponent in the game. With its advanced programming and sophisticated AI, PharaohMan.EXE (version 4) is sure to be a valuable addition to any player’s roster.

The latest version of PharaohMan.EXE boasts several unique upgrades that make it stand out from previous versions. With enhanced defense protocols and improved accuracy, this Navi can take on even the toughest opponents with ease. Additionally, its advanced power management system ensures that it can fight for longer periods without requiring frequent recharging.

As players progress through Mega Man Battle Network 4, they’ll encounter numerous other Navis with their own unique abilities and special moves. From powerful offensive units to tactical support units, the game offers a diverse range of options for players to choose from as they build their ultimate team.

According to the official Mega Man website, over 11 million copies of the Battle Network series have been sold worldwide since its debut in 2001. This impressive sales figure speaks to the enduring popularity and appeal of this iconic franchise among gamers of all ages.

Can’t afford a new car? Just customize your Navi instead with these handy programs in Mega Man Battle Network 4.

Navi Customizer Programs

Navi Customization Tools allow players to enhance their Navis’ abilities in Mega Man Battle Network 4. The customization tools are designed to optimize the Navi’s combat performance and appearance.

Program TypeDescription
PowerUPProvides strength enhancements.
SpeedUPProvides speed upgrades.
ShieldImproves defense mechanisms.
TransformationChanges Navi into a stronger form.
AirShoesAllows walking over dangerous terrain with ease.

These programs offer unique benefits allowing for a personalized gameplay experience. Customized Navis can often overcome enemies with increased efficiency and provide access to otherwise inaccessible areas of the game.

To maximize the effectiveness of Navi Customizer Programs, consider experimenting with different combinations. By combining various programs, players can customize their Navis in new and innovative ways, providing an edge over opponents.

Program Advance: When Mega Man combines chips with the precision of a surgeon and the destruction potential of a bomb squad.

Program Advance

For the innovative game, ‘Mega Man Battle Network 4‘, several new Navis have been introduced for players to choose from. One of the noteworthy features of this game is the ‘.1. Program Advance’. This function allows players to execute a set of chips in a particular order, triggering a deadly attack.

To give readers an overview of ‘.1. Program Advance’, here’s a table with relevant data:

NameChips RequiredDamage

These are just some examples of popular program advances that players can use throughout the game. With each combination of these distinct chips, players get an opportunity to deal significant damage against their opponents.

It’s important to note that executing ‘.1. Program Advances’ requires careful planning and strategy as miscalculations can lead to wasted chips and defeat in competitive battles.

For those playing Mega Man Battle Network 4, we suggest experimenting with different chip combinations to create powerful attacks unique to your playing style. Additionally, understanding the weaknesses of your opponent can help you nail critical hits.

Mega Chips: For when you want to upgrade your Navis without actually upgrading your skills.

Mega Chips

Mega Chips in Mega Man Battle Network 4 are powerful digital chips that grant the user unique abilities. A wide variety of Mega Chips exist, each with different attributes and strengths.

The following table depicts the different Mega Chips along with their abilities:

Mega ChipAbility
ElemTowerElement tower
SprArmrSuper Armor
Gatling2Rapid-fire gun
RiskyHoneyDangerous Honey
Invis1Complete Camouflage

Some other unique details to note about Mega Chips include their rarity and the fact that they can be traded between players. According to, one of the rarest Mega Chips available is “Colonel,” which is obtained by linking up with a friend who has Beat the Colonel Virus V4 in order to obtain it. Overall, these chips add another layer of strategy to battles in Mega Man Battle Network 4. Why settle for just one navi when you can have a whole bag of chips?

Navi + Chips

Navi and associated chips have been integral to Mega Man Battle Network 4. The combination of Navi and chips allows the player to create powerful customizations by choosing specific chips and Navis that complement each other.

A table displaying the data on the various Navis, their individual attributes, and associated chips would be helpful for gamers. This will allow them to strategize better before engaging in battles. For instance, some Navis may require specific types of chips with high power levels or a combination of certain elements.

There are various combinations available for Navis and chips in the game, making it both diverse and challenging for players. It is essential to note that even though it is necessary to focus on building strong combinations throughout the game, maneuvering away from what works well and changing strategies can help defeat tougher opponents.

Pro Tip: Experimenting with different Navi and chip combinations can keep things interesting and exciting while achieving your objectives in Mega Man Battle Network 4.

Style Change Program: Because who doesn’t love a good makeover, even if it’s just for your digital avatar in a video game?

Style Change Program

The ‘.4. Style Change Program‘ is an innovative feature in Mega Man Battle Network 4 that allows players to modify their character’s style depending on their gameplay preferences and strategy.

To use the Style Change Program, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Activate the program by pressing the designated button or navigating to the corresponding menu option.
  2. Choose from one of ten distinct styles, each with unique abilities and attributes.
  3. Enjoy a more personalized gaming experience as your chosen style enhances your battle performance.

Interestingly, some styles are exclusive to certain characters, adding an exciting layer of customization and variety. This mechanic adds a strategic element to battles, keeping them fresh and engaging.

Pro Tip: Experiment with different styles to discover which best suits your playstyle and helps you defeat particular types of enemies.

Looks like Mega Man’s got some new Navis, because apparently battling evil viruses with a few trusted friends just wasn’t cutting it.